Hello everyone! I have started an Instagram account and plan to be handling most of my art news there. This blog will stay active, but I am not currently planning any new blog posts. Thank you for following me even through times when I have gone off the radar. From this point forward, I plan to have a much more active online presence.

You can follow me at

See you there!

Wishful Horizons

Hey all,

I've got a buddy named Derrick Minyard who is a sound designer up in Nashville, and we decided to do a fun challenge where I made an image and he wrote some music to it. You can find his piece, which he named "Wishful Horizons", on his SoundCloud. It's his interpretation for the image below:

Note: If the sky colors look funky, it's because the blogger uploading site couldn't handle the color range I used. I tried to fix it as best I could!

Return from the Academy

Hello friends,

I recently returned from NC, where I spent two quarters studying at the Academy of Classical Design. Although I only got to taste of the rich curriculum there, I took away many great lessons. I'm so thankful for my time there and wish everyone still at the Academy all the best! Here is one of my favorite copies I did from the Charles Bargue drawing plates:

My copy of Charles Bargue's copy of
a Greek sculptor's copy of Homer.

Moving forward, I am opening up business for freelance again and ready to tell some stories through pictures! I am still chipping away at some personal projects that I hope I will be able to show soon, but--as experience has shown me--writing stories can sometimes be a bit unpredictable. It seems like they are getting close though, and I'm very excited about that.

Thanks for staying tuned and stopping by!

Second Star on the Right

Hello faithful followers!

So much has happened, with so little time to tell it. However, there will be more time in the future. Rest assured I will be sharing cool drawings and stories with you over the next few months that should illuminate what I have been up to lately.

The past few months have been comprised of freelance work, preparing for the CTN animation expo and taking Nathan Fowkes' Color and Light class through Schoolism. It has been an intense time of growth, both artistically and personally. I took a break from sharing content in order to focus on learning with all of my spare time, as well as making some big decisions. I have a lot to share and plenty to talk about when I return from the conference. 

You might have noticed I updated the portfolio on my website. Please do check it out and let me know your thoughts! To share a little of my process, I thought I would include a look into how I created my painting of Peter Pan:

To achieve the original above, I started with a loose sketch in the general tone I wanted for the finish. My thought is that it would be really cool to have Pan standing confidently with the sun shining in behind him. However, I also wanted him to be lit from a cool skylight above. At that time, I thought my colors were pure. It's amazing how our eyes can become accustomed to the tones.

The second step was to start introducing cool tones and local colors. After the color was basically established, I started to push and pull the color and values to increase the impact of the image. I am very happy with how this image turned out, and I am excited to try and push it even more in future paintings.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of this process, and I will see you all after CTNX! Until then, it's straight on till morning!