Xcel Magazine Continued

Here is a look at some more illustrations I did for the Xcel Magazine. Enjoy!

This is a portrait of Nathan Daniel, a good
friend and fellow artist. Nathan worked on the 
Xcel web site and the formatting for the magazine.

This is a self-portrait. The portraits were used 
to identify who the artists were that worked
on the magazine. We had the option of using
photos, but I thought this would be more interesting.

This was an interior illustration for an article written by
Jeff Fields, one of the Xcel board members. After reading
the article, I decided to emphasize the theme of leadership
that Jeff showed in his career as a pilot and trainer.

Xcel Magazine

Hello everyone,

2013 has already started off with a bang! In addition to freelance work with SCAD, I have been teaching cartooning classes and offering private lessons for kids. Although teaching can be incredibly useful for learning, I don't have much to show for it, which is partly why the blog has been to sparse on updates. I have been working on side-projects, but many of them are long-term endeavors that I am not ready to reveal at this time. I have been making good progress and hope to share some things soon.

What I can share is my work for the Xcel magazine called The Network. It was created to help increase Xcel's exposure and share their message with local businesses in Savannah. I helped illustrate and plan the incorporation of text into the illustrations. Hope you enjoy!

In the magazine, this illustration was  used as a vingette
 for an article about the Xcel Network. The writing at the top was 
replaced by the text of the article, and I thought it looked pretty sharp,
since the text also pointed down towards the man in the center. 

The following three images were used to explain the story of the rocket,
and it employs the original drawings I did for Xcel's teaching curriculum. 

 There is more to come from Xcel and other projects. I hope your 2013 is off to a good, productive start and that you are heading for new, exciting places.