Back in the Swing of Things

After a brief vacation from blogging, I am back! Much has happened since my last post, including some new freelance work.

The first good news is that I am teaching a cartooning class for ages 6-11 at the Department of Cultural Affairs in Savannah. Preparing for this class has been a challenge, but a fun one! I just finished the first round of 6 week classes, and many of the students returned for the second offering of the class.

The second good news is that I had an opportunity to do some illustration work for the Xcel magazine, which should be out soon.

The third good news is that I am currently completing a freelance project for SCAD. It is a unique project and quite complicated to explain, but a quick summary would be that I am providing illustration assistance to the Architecture Department for their Studio Culture Event and Studio Culture Policy. I will be able to post more work in the future with in-depth explanations.

So good news all around! I have been extremely blessed over the last few months and am very thankful for it. At this point, I'm trying to make sure I steward well what the Lord has given me as I gear up for future opportunities! Also, I am striving to keep making personal work even with my freelance commitments to keep pushing myself as an illustrator and designer. I will be posting more personal work here in the near future!

In other news, I have been gaining a lot of great information from Chris Oatley's Podcast, and encourage any creative person to go there and listen in for some great tips.

Until next time, stay classy!