Xcel Strategies

I recently had the opportunity to create some illustrations for Xcel Strategies, a non-profit organization run by Jay Thompson in the Savannah area. One of the main goals of Xcel is to equip young men with purpose and help them accomplish their dreams. In most cases, these young men do not have a father-figure in their life, so Xcel surrounds them with mentors to help them set goals and meet them. The illustrations were created in order to help communicate Xcel's purpose.

Every person has the potential for greatness. In a way, they are like a rocket that is about to take off into space. With a solid foundation, a working guidance system and fuel for the journey, this rocket can reach for the stars.

However, if that rocket doesn't have the proper guidance, it can also become a missile, causing harm and destruction. 

The goal of every rocket is to reach its destination.

It is Xcel's mission to help make that possible.