Extra Stuff

Hello! It's been a little while since I've posted. School's been keeping me busy, but not too busy to make some extra art. Here are two pieces I have done on the side while I've been at school.

This ink illustration was submitted for the DEEP anthology. To explain the process, first I received a piece written by an author out of Savannah and created a few illustrations to go with it in the book. Then artist will look over them and choose which one he/she wants, and, finally, it will be in the book. This is my favorite one.

I really enjoyed this entire project because I got to sumi it up! This piece was created entirely from ink. It was refreshing to get away from all the pencil work I've been doing and just slap some ink down.

This digital illustration is going to be showcased at the SCAD Illustration Club's Urban Legends show this Saturday night (Oct. 30) at the Savannah Mall. I titled it "A Guest for Dinner." I got to dabble with color in this image, another thing I don't get much of in my major-related work.

That's all for now, but I'll be uploading more when I get the chance. Thanks for checking it out, and leave feedback if you have any!