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Although I have been kept busy with freelance work, I can't help but have other ideas in the process. While I am forced to put them on the back burner, I do try to at least put them down. Here are some concept sketches for a comic, that's right--a comic--I am working on. It's a twelve-pager set in the 1930's that involves a woman bringing a repairman a broken mirror. The script has been written and thumbnails completed, but I am still fiddling around with the character designs. This is a first look at the characters and environments for "Broken" (working title).

These sketches of the characters are very close to what I want. I am still tinkering with small details and proportions. I am even considering sculpting them to make sure I have them fully locked-in. I am considering simplifying them a bit as well.

For a larger project like this, I typically have the idea stewing in my head for a while as I try to finish my mandatory work. As it unwillingly coalesces into what I know it needs to be, I feel the need to draw it but resist because I have other work to do. Then--usually some point around 3 A.M.--I realize I can't avoid drawing it any more. So I get up, click on the light, and let my pencil fly. That is how the following backgrounds were created. I draw quickly and rough, not being overly specific about perspective or details because I am just trying to get my ideas onto the page. Once they are drawn, I can see what I need to refine, and move forward from there.

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I will be updating more of this as time goes on. Look for more advanced character studies and refined backgrounds! I'm very excited for this project and glad that I can share it. 

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Brad Hudson said...

Looks awesome!

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