SCAD Learning Culture Credo

Here is the final product of my work at SCAD, the Learning Culture Credo. The school decided to distribute the new document in the form of a small sketchbook. The front of the book contains the Learning Culture Credo and a statement about why the credo was made. The pages following the credo are blank so that the students can draw or write on them. The goal was for the Learning Culture Credo to be more applicable and relevant to the students, and I think this book, along with the entire process of revising the credo statements, achieved that very well. 

For my contribution, SCAD designers compiled my drawings onto the cover of the book. I really enjoy the way they composed the images to create a fun, yet clean design. Although we had explored using illustrations in the actual document, I think this was a much more successful implementation of the drawings that also reminds people of how the document was made and, as a result, why it is relevant and important to their lives.

So there you have it! I am very excited to have been a part of this Studio Culture Project. It was really interesting to explore how visuals can aid in the creation of a completely verbal document, especially between a bunch of artists. I learned a lot from the experience, it was a pleasure to work with the faculty and staff of SCAD, the School of Building Arts and the Architecture Department. I sincerely hope that the document helps produce the learning culture they desire.

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