Self-Portrait Week

In honor of Self-Portrait Week. Enjoy!


KNP said...

*sigh* You men. Not only do you wear socks with sandals, you wear socks with flippers, too.

I like this picture, but I'm having such a difficult time picturing you with that expression on your face. I can't identify it. I think it's because your left eyebrow seems more thoughtful/ sad, and your right eyebrow seems screwed into your joke-serious face. I can cover halves of your face and get different feelings.

Also, is that a turtle in the background? :D

You should post more often, Steven. This was a pleasant surprise on my blog-feed.

Miss Ngo said...

I agree with this person above. You should blog more. It's good for the soul. Plus, I deleted my facebook, so blogger and skype are the only reliable forms of communication with me.

Very nice painting, sir. :)

Steven Roberson said...

Haha, apparently I DO need to blog more. I just now got these comments. Thanks for the feedback!

KNP: Of course it's a turtle! You know me.

Miss Ngo: I was wondering...I'll have to log onto skype more often to catch up!

And yes, blogging more would be a good choice.

Elizabeth said...

Epic. Welcome back to the blogging world!

Sera Cross said...

In your sequel picture, you should feature Dr. Gleason and then show it to him. XD