Life Drawing

While I work on longer projects, I try to get away and keep myself fresh. My favorite way to do this is to draw from life. I'm not thinking of continuity, story or capturing every detail. I am trying to capture the life of a moment in a quick, loose sketch.

To do this, I will sit down and really just soak in the world around me. I don't start drawing until something catches my eye, be it a color, shape, gesture, or movement. Then, after observing it and really assessing what is special about it, I'll put pencil to paper. A big part of this is actually just paying attention to what is happening around me. All too often, we speed through life and rush past beauty in all forms. Taking a moment to appreciate an interesting moment reveals a deeper truth behind the world we live in and points to the beauty of creation.

The coolest part is that every person sees beauty in different areas. While our interests may overlap, your eye will pick up unique things that I would never notice. This is what fosters community in art. Everyone enjoys learning what another person values, and we celebrate a person who can display that visually. That is why we go to art galleries or pause and crane our necks on our tip-toes to see what that kid with the sketchbook is drawing, because we are curious.

I find this type of life drawing much more rewarding than the intense study of light and form. There is a place for that in my work, but doing these sketches more like a quick blurb of life than a thesis paper. Here are a few of my recent life drawings. I hope you enjoy! I would also encourage you to grab a sketch pad and try the same. Remember that it isn't about the drawing, it is about enjoying the moment. 

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