SCAD Studio Culture Event Part 1

I recently completed a long-term project with the SCAD Architecture Department. My role on the project was to offer visual suggestions for the Studio Culture Event, a function aimed at increasing student involvement in the revising of the Studio Culture Document. Among the many ideas thrown at the wall, a few of them stuck.

First of all, I was responsible for coming up with some sort of interesting way to incorporate visuals into the event and the final document. To do this, I sketched out ideas and presented them to the committee in charge of the event. Here are a few of the sketches:

The aim of this image was to convey the 
progression from student to professional.

This image's purpose was to explore a 
new way to format the final document.

This image was used to explore a stylistic
way to show how each student brings 
something different to SCAD's studios.

My first full assignment was to create a poster image that would generate interest in the Studio Culture Event, seen below:

The original version of the poster had a girl on the left, but I decided to edit it in order to increase the visual interest. My goal was to work with the positive/negative play of shapes in order  to create a loose, yet readable image. It has a very structured composition, but a tonal, textured rendering that helped keep the piece lively. The last thing I wanted it to say was "Come to this typical, boring event."

That's a look at the early stages of the project. Next week, I will share some images that were used for the actual event. Stay tuned!

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