This morning, I ventured out to do a plein air oil sketch. I found a neat spot to park my car and set up the easel in front of a large marsh.

I thought I was going to miss the sun cresting but managed to get my paints together just before it rose (a miracle to be sure). From that point it was a mad dash to capture as much information as possible without blinding myself. About 30 minutes later, up to my elbows in oil paint, I ended up with what you see below:

Lesson of the day: It is way more difficult to paint outdoors with oils 
than it is to sit in my comfortable studio on my computer.

Even though it was a rough start, ranging from oil paint complications to forgetting my palette knife (note: pocket knives are NOT a good substitute), it all came together to be quite the adventure. Always good to start the day creating in creation. I can't wait to try it again!

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Jordan said...

Haha, good times man!