Gustaff Design Finalized

After many revisions and drafts, Gustaff's character design has finally come together into something I am comfortable with. In small ways, he will change here and there, but I can now move on to the secondary characters in the story. I would say he is about 95% finished at this point, and drawing him in action with other characters will fully round him out. The following images show the last part of his development.

Finally getting the acting I wanted out of his cartooned form, 
I decided to get a few more details in there.

Adding back in that touch of realism put the
 character exactly where I wanted him.

Old man shoes...check!

I decided to do a portrait of Gustaff to finalize his design
and insure that I knew his forms well. Also, it was just plain fun. 

It feels good to have Gustaff looking exactly how I want him to. I learned so much just by spending the time to really work on him. Now, I can move on to the other elements of the story. Things to look forward to are the completed sculpture and new character designs. Also, I will begin exploring the props and environments in greater detail. Check back soon!

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