Gustaff Look Development: Shapes

Here are the drawings I did of Gustaff right after sculpting in his basic form. Since then, I have been tweaking his design and deciding which details to include and leave out. Compared to previous sketches, Gustaff has lost much of his detail and appears a bit more youthful. This was so that I could distill him down to his most basic form and build on top of that. There are things I like more about his earlier designs, but I can always bring those back.

 This cartoon shorthand of Gustaff makes him useful for animation or comics. 

 These drawings show Gustaff at his most basic. 
From this point, I started to slowly add detail back.

The next stage of drawings will be focused on infusing Gustaff's character with more life. This will include redesigning certain parts of his face and learning more about his character. Check back soon for more process as this character takes form!

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