Gustaff Maquette

Lately, I have been working on my character design for Gustaff, the repairman in my story. He is a kind, laid-back, yet hard-working gentleman who enjoys his quiet, little repair shop.

Although I like where he is going, I want to make sure I am 100% comfortable with what Gustaff looks like before I commit him to comic book pages. The best way to do this is to sculpt him. Here are some process pictures of a small bust I am making to help me figure out his character:


I begin by creating a metal armature for the head.
Gustaff doesn't do well with metal detectors.

By this point, I have mounted the armature and begun sculpting.

Having added the mass of his torso, I start to build Gustaff's facial features. 

Here is the current state of the sculpt. It is still very-much a work in progress. However, I am already discovering new questions about his design and answering others. My next step will be to redraw him in order to  figure out some of the sculptural details. Then, I will finish the sculpture and finalize his designs. 
(I will be sure to give him ears as well) 

The lower images showcase Gustaff with a placeholder mustache and eyebrows. I can still remove them at any time to refine his face, but they are very helpful for visualizing the final product.


I hope you enjoyed this look into how I design characters. I will be updating the blog with more sketches and process in the near future!

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